Corporate HR Support Services / UAE Business HR


At RelocateMe, we take a personal approach to business and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our services. We work with organisations of every structure; size and sector in supporting HR related processes, which don’t end with our mobility programmes.

We understand many of our clients require support beyond their employee on-boarding process and this is why we also provide tailored HR solutions, catered to each client’s specific company requirements and budget.


Our HR expert will provide your company with a needs analysis for every aspect of your business management. We not only offer administrative HR solutions, we can also provide an array of talent and organisational development services to help improve your business practice and achievements. So whether you’re a multi-national requiring a complete restructure of your people and organisation, or a new business in the UAE expanding offices and purely in need of essential advice and assistance with your payroll and administration, we are here to make every step simple.


Simplifying your HR Solutions

Our flexible services mean we create HR packages specific to your company requirements and our collaborative, fresh and determined approach enables us to provide you valuable solutions inline with your corporate needs and so from day one, we’re heading you in the right direction.


Saving you time and money

We appreciate how costly it can be to have your own HR department, particularly if you’re a SME and we understand how time consuming it can to manage all HR processes, as well as the additional headache and expense of visa costs and recruitment budgets. Outsourcing your HR services will allow us to support your company not only with the on-boarding process of your employees, using our services we will enable you to save money, improve accuracy and focus on the strategy of your business.


Helping you to plan

Many of our corporate clients (particularly those moving or expanding their businesses into the Emirates) require assistance with their on-boarding and relocation forecasting and so we consequently provide tailored end-to-end HR management and relocation solution packages including:


  • Comprehensive mobility programmes for relocating employees
  • Relocation budget strategies
  • Costs estimates
  • Employee immigration and family visa procedures
  • UAE Cost of living reports

Our Talent and Organisational Development Programmes

We understand the importance of the team around you performing to their optimum levels and the significance of each employees personal growth, which is why we specialise in implementing training programs inline with your corporation requirements and specific to your employees, creating a positive, effective, respectful and focused work environment and ensuring you get the best out of your workforce!


Improving business ethics

Our training and coaching strategies are designed to compliment your company management practice, embracing positive change, creativity and competence within your team of professionals. Our career coach is skilled is delivering pragmatic people based solutions and improving your teams business ethics and overall company objectives.


Our HR Consultancy and Administration Services include:

  • Onboarding of employees
  • Recruitment and Manpower
  • Labor and visa procedures
  • Monthly payroll and compensation for your employees
  • Issue of standard employment contracts, variations and terminations
  • Delivery of HR policy and procedure Manual in accordance with UAE labour laws
  • End of Service Benefits
  • Essential Employee Training Courses
  • Performance Management
  • Management Coaching
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you’re a SME new to Dubai and the UAE requiring assistance with the relocation and mobility management of your employees, or a large established enterprise requiring Corporate Training Programmes for your workforce, you can be sure we have all bases covered!