UAE Relocation and Immigration and Residence Visa Services

We will help you to get UAE Residence Visa's and attestations of legal documentation

Because our clients needs often don’t end with the on-boarding process of employees, we offer additional HR support services inline with our client’s requirements.


We understand how time consuming it can be on HR departments to process employees residence visa’s, keep up-to-date with immigration change of procedures, and you’re your business deadlines, so we have designed services to support you with as much assistance as you require.


Let us use our experience and expertise to inform you of government requirements

Processes and procedures are forever changing in the UAE and what UAE residence visa documents are essential one day, may be quite different the next. We will use our Middle East experience and expertise to inform you of government regulations and keep you up to date with the necessary documents to get things completed quickly.


Let us prepare the documentation

We will make sure everything is in order and goes to the right department to avoid delays.


Don’t have the time or knowledge to process your UAE Residence Visa/renew your UAE Residence Visa/apply for yours and your families Emirates visas?

We can handle everything for you! From medical fitness tests to receiving your Emirates ID, a very stressful process will be made to feel very easy!


Get VIP treatment

Why stand in long queues when we can get your applications prioritised and have your essential medical and results turned around swiftly?

We can support you with:


  1. All Document Attestation Services for Dubai and UAE
  2. Document Attestations for other countries
  3. Domestic Help UAE Visa New/Renewal
  4. UAE Family Visa New/ Renewal
  5. UAE Employee Visa New/ Renewal
  6. Birth Certificates Dubai Notary Public
  7. UAE Medicals and Emirates ID application processes

We will obtain the legal translations of your documents:


  1. Marriage Certificates Attestation for UAE Visa
  2. Educational Certificate Attestation for UAE
  3. Birth Certificate Attestation Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  4. Degree Attestation Certificate
  5. Power of Attorney


We also assist with requirements regarding any UAE government body, including the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy and UAE Ministry of Juctice.


We are very flexible with our services

If you require assistance with any documents not mentioned above, or assistance with apostille services outside of the UAE, we can still help so please just let us know!