The UAE Culture and Living in the Middle East

UAE Culture and Training Support when Living in Dubai

Finding yourself in a new and unfamiliar country, with different social customs and business ethics can be intimidating, even for the well-travelled individual. In fact, when it comes to moving assignees, the inability to adapt to the host culture is amongst the most cited reasons for assignment failure.

Our training professionals understand first-hand the importance of supporting expatriates in today’s global business and the potential financial loss to a company if the expatriate and his family do not settle within the first few months of relocating. We also understand that each client or family we work with has their own diverse past experiences, business ethics and specific needs when it comes to their relocation, which is why our intercultural programmes are customised to each individual client


Relying on a wealth of experience

We have the knowledge and capability to adapt our culture and country specific trainings individual to your needs. Our consultants all live and work within the Arab Culture and are very experienced in being able to guide you though the do’s and don’ts of living and working in Dubai and the culture in Dubai.

Face-to-face training session for individuals & groups… furthermore we can include spouse and family focus related cultural training when desired including information on the cost of living.


Helping you to adjust

You may not know what to expect when moving to an Arab Country, we want you to be comfortable and settle as quickly as possible, which is why we ensure you have the right social and cultural understanding from day one.


Minimising the risk of expatriate repatriation

Our expatriate culture relocating programmes are designed to assist with common culture shock elements and smooth the transition for the expatriate to ensure quick settlement.


Making sure you are aware of your surroundings

Every religion has its own cultural beliefs. We want to make sure you are mindful of the multicultural community you now live in and the social acceptance of behaviour (when to kiss, shake hands etc.) within your new surroundings.


Business etiquette

Is everything! In a new business environment, working within a multinational office in the GCC, you need to know how to greet and address your colleagues, when it’s appropriate to shake hands and what business attire is acceptable.


A successful transition

Every relocation comes with its challenges. Joining one of our cultural training courses will help you to adjust into your new work and social environment, with all the knowledge and confidence you need to make a successful and happy transition to the UAE or any other host city!

Whether you’re a corporate looking for group cultural training for your employees, or a family ensuring your family are adapted to their new environment as quickly as possible, you can be sure we will have all bases covered!

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