Relocate Your Children In Schools Of The Emirates In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

We are School Search Specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We understand the importance of not disrupting your children’s education, so you will be in contact with our UAE Education Specialist from the offset. Our focus is solely on providing you with our knowledge and advice of the schools in the UAE, so you make the best decisions for your family.


We make sure you’re well informed of schooling processes and procedures in the UAE

By providing you with schooling information early in the process. Factors such as availability of places in the UAE schools and term times may affect your plans slightly, so we make sure you’re well informed from day one.


We listen to what you want for your children

And by using our knowledge and previous assessments of schools in the Emirates; we can inform you of availability and waiting lists of the schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as specific national and international curriculums, such as British Curriculum, IB Curriculum etc.


Letting you see for yourself

By arranging school tours in Dubai and appointments on your behalf, so you and your child can take a tour of the schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi before making any decisions. We can even accompany you on school tours if you would like us to.


We help you through the application process

And will liaise with the registrars on your behalf with advice on availability of school places in the UAE and assistance with school registrations.


We are here to support you

At the end of the day; you know what’s best for your children. We are here to guide you with our knowledge and experience of the UAE’s education system. Our consultants provide unbiased feedback based on current clients and parents experiences, as well as UAE government schooling reports. We are here to make your relocation to the Middle East run as smoothly as possible, so let us start with the most important thinglets make sure your children are settled first and foremost in the best school for them!

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