Client Testimonials

Dubai Airports Human Resources has successfully been using RelocateMe services for some time. RelocateMe provide a professional yet personable service and our employees that have relocated from abroad have always been complimentary about their service. The companie’s flexibility and willingness to meet Dubai Airport’s last-minute requests is always appreciated. RelocateMe’s biggest value add is what Dubai Airport’s calls the ‘look see’ service. This is where overseas candidates being interviewed in Dubai spend half a day with a RelocateMe team member. We firmly believe this ‘look see’ contributes very positively to the decision-making process the candidate goes through when accepting a position with Dubai Airports.

Victoria and Teresa helped my family with our relocation to Dubai from the UK in 2014. Given that we are a family of 5, with children aged 9, 8 and 3 and only had 2 months to move this was a pretty major undertaking. Throughout a stressful period, they were a saving grace in terms of calmness, professionalism and sheer “leave it with me-ness”. We are now happily living in Dubai, in a long term rental with all paperwork done and the children settled in school! Thank you.

Marcus Gent – Managing Director

Jean-Dominique De Ravignan

HR Director, L’Oréal Middle East

“RelocateMe manage the entirety of L’Oréal’s relocation and tenancy management needs, supporting our employees moving into the UAE and within the region. Since we started using the services of RelocateMe, they have consistently delivered seamless results.

Whether assisting new employees in selecting the right housing and schooling, supporting personnel with tenancy renewals, or meticulously handling payment processes, the team always succeed in maintaining an exceptional level of service, from start to finish.

Thank you RelocateMe for your constant support and partnership”

Dr Sattar Alshryda

Paediatrician, Dubai

Relocate (& Victoria Moss) helped me and family to relocate and settle in the UAE. They were really superb. They went way above the call of duty and we will forever be grateful for them. One memorable and funny moment was when my wife and I discussing an important matter completely unrelated to our relocation and we were not sure what do 4-year-old girl said, "Why do you not ask Victoria?!".... they simply gain our trust including our little ones.

Corporate Client

Employee Relocating, Oil & Gas

“I would like to commend RelocateMe and their service with the highest possible praise. This service is a real asset to anyone planning a move to Dubai or for that matter a company trying to bring someone over. I was not shown lovely places to live in, this helped me to remove many doubts, queries, fears, etc. that are associated at the beginning of any move that involves a different country, culture and is far away from home. Therefore, thank you very much for making their services available to me.”

Peter O’Toole

Private Family Relocating

Moving is recognised as one of the most stressful activities you can undertake, moving to a new country just adds to this burden. RelocateMe took a lot of the stress out of undertaking such a move. With knowledgeable agents in Abu Dhabi who did most the donkey work on finding a property, doing the filtering based on our specific requirements we found a property in a good location quickly. Added to this they assisted us in putting all of the paperwork, registrations and forms in place. Well worth the money, time and effort.

Maxine Webb

Employee Relocating, Law Firm Dubai

Thank you to the amazing staff at Relocate Me. Especially the personable Victoria. You had a very difficult task in terms of my ‘check out’, dealing with a difficult landlord - during a challenging time with the pandemic (and also I had just had the trauma of a close bereavement). Thank you for handling my ‘small’ job with sheer professionalism and care. You are amazing at what you do and deserve all the recognition you receive.

Corporate Client

Employee Relocating

The orientation with Bhartie was absolutely fantastic she was simply incredible. She knows a lot about the history of Dubai and is a person who easily connects with people.

She fully understood the circumstances that I had and the type of accommodation that I was looking for.

I highly recommend her for anyone who is moving to Dubai as she will know exactly the type of needs and style you require.

David Hughes

I`m Not Plastic FZE

Victoria and Relocate did an amazing job with Creative to secure our company registration, visas and UAE ID. Fast, efficient, great comms and great value. Would highly recommend.

Mahmoud Mohamed

Private Family Relocating

The best experience ever!! Thank you so much RelocateME for the extraordinary efforts and great work. You are the best guys!!

Special thanks to Ceara and Edgar for the professional support and superior on-time deliverables.

Mohamed Didouch

Private Family Relocating

"I used RelocateMe to prepare my move from Morocco to UAE with my Family. It was a fantastic turnkey service: from my business setup in UAE until housing, kids school research ... Thanks to RelocateMe, what would otherwise have been a complete nightmare was stress-free. This was largely due to the super friendly and super knowledgeable team at RelocateMe. I could not recommend them enough, special thanks to Ceara!

Corporate Client

Employee Relocating

Excellent company and support during our relocation to Dubai. Victoria is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all local businesses and customs which was really a big help for us coming here. They made the transition much easier and getting settled smoother. We can only recommend her services!

Chris Millard

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

The moving experience in Dubai has been extremely smooth thanks to RelocateMe. From finding the property, expert advice, to liaising with the landlord; this company are the 360 experts! Even after the move, the consistently go above and beyond their contracted work to ensure we are settled and relaxed in our property. Highly recommended!

Uli Terheggen

Private Family Relocating

Excellent company and support during our relocation to Dubai. Victoria is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all local businesses and customs which was really a big help for us coming here. They made the transition much easier and getting settled smoother. We can only recommend her services!

Roger S

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

Very professional service.

Relocate me did an awesome job helping me settle. If you're new in the country, have no idea where to live and how to proceed, I definitely recommend you get in touch with Relocate me to ease the process and ensure a smooth move.

Hakim Bounes

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

Did their outmost and beyond to get me going

Highly recommended for a hassle-free House hunting and settlement.

Alvaro de Barutell Allende

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

The moving experience to Dubai has been great in every aspect. I highly recommend the company to everyone. The services include all the entire movement process, from goods transfer from your country, property finding based on your criteria, landlord negotiations, to contract overview and setting up of all the utilities needed before moving in. The company is always in direct contact with you while offering a 100% personalized service and advise. Highly recommended to everyone looking for a smooth and easy move!

Ahmed Shafei

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

RelocateMe made everything super easy for our relocation to UAE. They support you throughout the entire process and their team is highly responsive and very professional. Thank you Ceara!

Christos Tzivinikos

Corporate Client, Employee Relocating

Amazing service, Victoria was very helpful with all the process relocating with family from the UK.